The most important is not where you go but to go.

We are a couple in their late thirties, engaged since 2009. We worked in several companies then had our own company. We soon realized life was short and we needed to live it to the fullest while we were in quite good shape ! We are traveling with our 2 dogs, who love to discover new places everyday.

We are passionate about photographing, videoing, driving in the most extreme conditions, hiking and living as remotely as possible.
Do is the driver. He is passionate about cars, motorbikes, mechanics and loves driving. He also likes to take pictures, hike and bike, and play video games.
Mel is the one who struggles with maps and organization. She is passionate about photography, and loves dogs and to do activity with them (dogdance, discdog, agility, bike-joering or hiking, swimming, canoeing …)

“Quatradouze” or “katradouz”, what does it means ? 
“Quatra” = quatre = 4 ; “douze” = 12 (Katradouz sounds exactly the same as Quatradouze when you pronunce it) : we are 4, 2 people and 2 dogs, and we have 12 “feet”. We are the 4 with 12 foot prints !

Our campervan is an Adria Camper van, model 574SP, 6m long and 2.90 high. No electronics, and nearly no electrics ! We bought it in 2010. It then had 16.000 km. 8 years later, it is soon to reach 300.000 km !

CC_10-06-12 (3)

We slightly modified it :
– We made an “appartment” for the dogs under the bed in the garage ;
– we removed the chemical toilets and made a dry toilet instead ;
– we bought a LPG tank to get rid of propane ;
– we also removed the original table to make a more sturdy one and add a cabinet under the table for the shoes and some technic stuff ;
– The clearance was uplifted to 8 more cms help to springs and blocks, we put proper tyres (Avon tires for the rear and Vredenstein Winter at the front) ;
– We replaced the former air filter by a K&N washable filter ;
– And we also had a friend work on the engine so that we now have 136cv instead of 110, a lot easier on the road and less fuel used.

We also added 2 gel batteries to reach 200Ah, 2 solar panels delivering 235W, and a MPPT regulator with a bluetooth dongle allowing us to check the batteries levels on our phones. We also added an 1300W inverter and wired some eletric plugs from teh inverter so that we can easily plug our computer and phones.

From spring 2019 onwards, we plan on taking with us a trailer so that we can bring our motorbike with us, and have fun on small roads whenever we go.