The most important is not where you go but to go.

Help to the brilliant website & app Polarsteps, you can follow us in near real time. On the map, you can find our bivouac, but also places we liked, where we found services, and our real itinierary ; documented with pictures on-the-go. Click on the picture or here to find our account.

If you are just looking for a map of bivouac, you can have a look at our Google map below. The map is updated everyday or so, alongside with Polarsteps.

–> Slovenia : August 2015
–> Russia and baltic countries : June 2016
–> England & Scotland : Autumn 2016
–> Spain & Portugal : Winter 2016-17
–> Nordic countries : Spring-summer 2017
–> Spain & Portugal : January-March 2018
–> Scotland & Ireland : May-July 2018
–> Austria to Greece & back : September ’18 to April ’19.

We also have a Google Map where we add things we would like to see or things that sound interesting. It can be places we went to, but no necessarily, so don’t forget to reasearch as well.