The most important is not where you go but to go.

We are what Americans call full timers, living full time in our campervan and traveling around. We started to discuss about this project at spring 2014, and finally left the 1st of September 2016. And with our two dogs, we started to round Europe !

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After a road-trip to Slovenia in 2014, another to northern Spain in 2015 and finally another one to Moscow and back in june 2016, we already knew we wanted a lot more. Between october and december 2016, we visted Scotland and England, then we spent the winter in Spain and Portugal, and as Spring started to appear, we left to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.


What we love first is to picture and video the amazing places we come across. We like to hike into wild nature, discover new landscapes and sleep in the most remote places accessible with wild sights. But what we like the most is to share ! You can find where we are and learn about the places we stayed at (no campings or towns unless we are forced to! 99% free!)  on our Google map, updated everyday or so.

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